Updated: 03/08/2020 - 10:00am

Disability Connect Victoria's response to the Coronavirus pandemic is in line with the Department Of Health & Human Services Recommendations.

The safety of our clients, workers and their families is our top priority at all times. In line with the Government recommendations, all DCV workers have been directed to wear a face covering while on shift in a lockdown zone and wherever appropriate in all other areas.

All DCV services will continue to be provisioned. E-Support is also available to any new or existing DCV client. 

Further information about the DHHS recommendations can be found by following the links below.

Update on August 3rd:

There are currently two sets of restrictions in place across Victoria. Stage 4 restrictions are across Metro Melbourne & Mitchell Shire and are already in effect. Stage 3 restrictions will be in place across the remainder of Victoria from Wednesday.

Movement within lock down zones is not restricted in order to receive or to give care. This means all DCV Support Workers have unrestricted movement while on shift with DCV in order to get you the support you need.

Our workers have been directed to minimise contact with the community for everyone's safety. We will be encouraging clients to utilise digital means to access the goods & services they need. For example, assisting with online grocery shopping. It is important each of us do our part to minimise community contact while ensuring we still get what we need to live our lives comfortably.



The best place to go for information about Coronavirus in Victoria is the Department of Health & Human Services website (click here).


The NDIS have also published specific advice for it's participants (click here), as to has the TAC (click here). You can also read the Australian Government Department of Health response (click here).

Daniel Andrews latest statement regarding restrictions being eased can be read here.




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