Updated: 26/03/2020 - 9:00am

Disability Connect Victoria is an essential services provider and we will continue to support NDIS, TAC & Worksafe participants throughout the shutdown period announced by Federal and State Governments.


We are actively keeping abreast all of the Federal & State Government announcements. Our response remains unchanged, we are here to support those who need it.

We are and will remain committed to our clients safety, the safety of the community and ensuring we are doing our part to flatten the curve in Victoria. 

All non-essential and recreational community access support services are being ceased. We will be providing support to people in-home as well as helping our clients access groceries, pharmacies, essential items and medical appointments.

Pricing for DCV support services has been updated to reflect the NDIS price guide released on 25th March 2020. Most supports will now include a 10% COVID19 loading.

What is changing with support services?

  • All Non-essential community access support shifts are being ceased with immediate effect.

    • This includes any support shift where our support workers would assist a client in recreation-ally accessing the community.

    • If we currently support you to access the community, we will be offering to provide in-home support instead.

    • We are equipping our support workers with a number of activities (see bottom of this page), ideas and other information to help our clients continue working towards their NDIS goals

    • Activities in the community that are ceasing include; Bowling, arts / crafts groups, swimming, visiting libraries, parks etc and any activity that would usually occur in a venue that is impacted by the shutdown.

  • Wherever possible, we will support you in your home.

    • The NDIS is supporting participants to reallocate community access funds for in-home support. We can help you get this conversation started and begin providing in-home support as soon as the NDIS make the change

    • We are encouraging our clients to utilise in-home supports to reduce the impacts of social isolation on our clients and continue working towards NDIS goals.

  • Essential community access shifts are still being provisioned.​

    • We will assist all of our clients to access medical appointments and other allied health appointments where in-person meeting is required.

    • We are offering assistance with Grocery shopping and accessing essential items. Wherever possible, our support worker will obtain these items and bring them back home to the client. This is to avoid our clients being at higher risk by accessing the community. 

    • We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further updates in the event of a further restriction.

What is changing with the DCV team?

  • We are temporarily scaling back our office operations to ensure we are complying with the community limitations as much as possible.

    • This may mean you will hear from different DCV team members whilst this shutdown period continues.

    • Our phone lines are busier than ever. Wherever possible, please use our call-back request function ( to ensure you get a response from us. We will respond to all callback requests within 48 hours of receipt, usually we respond to these requests within 2 hours.

  • Our support worker team is stronger than ever and is readily available to support you. Our support workers have truly stepped up throughout this period to ensure no-one goes without support. ​We are extremely proud and thankful to our whole team for their can-do attitude throughout this period. 

  • The DCV office is closed to the public but members of our team are still here. We are coordinating critical support services and to ensure nothing falls through the cracks the team are in the office and practicing social distancing and isolation outside of office hours.

    • We are enabling our office staff to work from home should they choose too. ​This may impact your ability to immediately speak with someone - please request a callback to receive a call and avoid any inconvenience.

  • Face to face meetings have been cancelled until further notice. We are utilising digital solutions​​ to facilitate any meetings that need to go ahead.

    • This includes telephone or digital sign up for any new clients that require support from DCV.

  • Emergency after-hours will continue. Outside of business hours we are always available to support our clients, workers and members of the public requiring support. 

  • To support our employee's, Disability Connect Victoria's Executive Management Team have reduced their salaries to ensure we can keep a strong office team together to provision support to our communities most vulnerable members - because its the right thing to do. 


Living in lock-down doesn't mean we have to be bored. We can all still engage with each other, and work towards our goals along the way.

One way you can engage each other throughout lockdown is by starting a mid to long term project.

  • Potentially a veggie patch, there will be things to do everyday and all involved can start to see noticeable changes and progressions over time.

  • Potentially a craft project, woodwork or building an item you might otherwise buy. 

  • Keep reading below for links to more ideas and activities.


Being in lockdown also doesn't stop us from having fun, if anything we should be trying to stay more positive than ever.


It can be harder to find things to laugh at during these times, but laughter is one of the best medicines.

Think about your favourite comedians. Find some videos or skits on YouTube and watch them together.

Get creative, do a comedy skit for one another. Make it a challenge to make one another laugh - "first person to laugh has to do a lap of the house" or whatever it may be if you make the other laugh first. 


Lastly, this too shall pass. When this has passed, we will all be back to a normal routine and looking to meet our personal and professional goals.

In our opinion, we can continue working towards our personal goals even when we are in lock-down.

This is different for everybody, however, a huge amount of digital / online learning is being created by EVERY industry, profession and hobbyist.

If you have a goal you are working towards, reach out to the DCV team and we will find some content online that you can access to keep kicking goals.



We are aware there is a huge amount of information being provided across a variety of channels. It can be really hard to separate the fact from the fiction. Whilst Disability Connect Victoria is taking all the steps we deem necessary, we highly recommend visiting official government sites for official responses to COVID19.

For us in Victoria, the best place to go is the Department of Health & Human Services website (click here). The NDIS have also published specific advice for it's participants (click here), as to has the TAC (click here). You can also read the Australian Government Department of Health response (click here).