Rights & Responsibilities

Your rights & responsibilities

Clients are our organizational focus; we at Disability Connect Victoria acknowledge your rights and actively promote your rights through our services and service delivery model. As clients of DCV there are also expectations and standards in place to support a strong partnership that is agreed upon by the client and DCV.


Clients are required to advise Disability Connect Victoria if they are going to be absent from the service or a scheduled meeting. We ask that a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is provided, otherwise the client will be charged a cancellation fee (details of fee are in the Individual Services Agreement). Clients can provide notice by phone, email, voice mail message or face to face.

Your rights
  • The client has access to all information about themselves held by the organisation.

  • In cases where a client has a legal guardian or advocate appointed to act on their behalf, the rights of the guardian or advocate are to be acknowledged and respected as set out in their guardianship or advocacy arrangements.

  • The client, with their permission, their person responsible must be involved in decisions about their plan. Plans will be developed including goals, activities, services and time frames.

  • The client will be made aware of the standard of service, which they can expect. Services will be provided in a safe manner which respects the dignity and independence of the client, is responsive to the social, cultural and physical needs of the client and their family.

  • The client’s services should be decided with the client’s agreement. clients have the right to refuse a service.

  • The clients have a right to complain about the service they are receiving without fear of being disadvantaged.

  • Complaints by clients will be dealt with fairly, promptly and without discrimination. The client may involve an advocate of their choice to represent his/her interests.

  • A person-centred approach will ensure the clients' views and choices will be at the centre of all planning and evaluation of the service maximising social participation and cultural inclusion.

  • Client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all times.

  • Clients have a right to information and support to understand and exercise their legal and human rights.

Your responsibilities

Client’s Responsibilities

  • Clients need to take responsibility for the results of any decisions they make.

  • Clients are to play their part in actively participating in the service.

  • Clients need to respect the property of Disability Connect Victoria.

  • Clients need to be punctual.

  • Clients need to provide accurate information about themselves.

Client's Representative Responsibilities

  • Client's Representative will act in a way that respects the rights of the Client and staff.

  • Client's Representative will speak to the staff and make requests in respectful ways.

  • Client's Representative will share appropriate information only with the correct people.

  • Client's Representative will work with the Disability Connect Victoria’s representative to ensure information is correct and clearly explained.