Your local NDIS & TAC Provider.

Providing COVIDSafe support across the eastern half of Victoria.


Our Story

Disability Connect Victoria was founded by Racheal Stoll & Rhys Gorman in early 2019. They have a shared passion for ensuring people living with any kind of Disability or Mental Health condition can receive the support they need - when and how they need it. With decades of professional and personal experience in the industry, they have listened to, and seen, the varying experiences people receive and set out to ensure consistent and reliable support is provided at all times.

Who We Are

DCV is made up of vibrant, enthusiastic and caring people spread across our Head Office in Warragul, and our regional office in Sale, together with our support workers who are based all across every region in the eastern half of Victoria.


Our team is diverse in every way and we pride ourselves on being an inclusive & equal opportunity Disability & Mental Health service provider.

As an NDIS, TAC & WorkSafe registered provider, when you receive support from DCV you can rest assured you are with an organisation that is well-governed, follows legislation, and truly cares about achieving the best possible outcomes for you with an individualised focus. DCV can provide support in your home, help you access the community or support you in any setting that you need - whatever your support requirements are, we will deliver.

At our heart, we are a family-owned and operated organisation, predominantly led by women. When you join DCV, you become part of the DCV family.

Our Vision

DCV is an innovative company, shaping the future for people living with Disability or Mental Health conditions. We are passionate about engaging with our clients, their families and extended networks.

DCV provides 'holistic, individualised support' and we advocate strongly for change in our industry through our regular involvement with key decision makers. DCV is on a mission to help create healthier & more fulfilling lives for all of DCV client's and their support networks. We see a bright future of inclusivity, diversity, success, achievement and collaboration, and this mission will be led by each and every DCV employee.





In-Home Support

DCV can help you in your home with anything that you may need help with. We can help if you need a hand getting tasks done, support to live independently or simply some company in the home.

Community Access

Throughout the past year it has been a challenge to get out of the house. As we roll into a new year, there are new and fresh opportunities to get out into the community safely. Whether this is to do your shopping, engage with groups or see the sights - DCV can help you.



DCV has accommodation available in Warragul that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. If you are looking for a new home - DCV can help you.

Supported Independent Living

Do you currently live in your own home? Are you looking to find a new home but need support when you are there? DCV specialise in providing support to people wanting to live independently, whether you need help 24 hours a day or only a few times a week.

Skill Development

If you have a new interest, want to refine an existing skill or want to learn something completely new, DCV have highly skilled support workers to help you achieve your goal. Ranging from transport training to help with your studies, DCV have a worker that can help you.

Support Coordination

Our team of dedicated support coordinators are here to help. DCV Support Coordinators are here to help you find the support you need, interlink with relevant specialists and help you navigate the wide-ranging world of the NDIS.

Recovery Coaching

Our recovery coaches spend time with you to understand your needs and help to support you on your recovery journey. Recovery looks different to everyone, and DCV's recovery coaches seek to understand your personal goals and take steps to help you achieve them.

Industry Partners

If you are looking for a service the Disability Connect Victoria don't currently provide, we can help interlink you with one of our industry partners who are able to help you get the support you need, when and where you need it.



Deep Industry Knowledge

DCV are specialists in providing Disability & Mental Health support services to anybody who needs it. Our office team and field staff are highly skilled and focus all of our attention on providing the best experience in the industry. Continuous improvement is part & parcel of our culture, and we actively listen and respond to ideas, feedback and suggestions to ensure we are always meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients, their families and networks.

Years of Experience

DCV's Board of Directors and Executive Management team have decades of experience in the Community Services industry and take an active hands-on approach to the operations of the organisation. This is complimented by our broader office team and field staff who are all specialised and skilled with relevant qualifications or experience to back them up.

Specialists in Complex Care

DCV pride ourselves on supporting people with the most complex of needs. Whether this involves complex physical or mental health support needs, DCV is your go-to when no one else seems to be able to help. Our office comprises of multiple Complex Care Team Leaders who actively oversee and manage complex programs to ensure every aspect of care is always actively monitored.


Warragul Head Office

70 Albert Street, 

Warragul, VIC 3820

Sale Office

1/64 Cunninghame Street, 

Sale, VIC 3850

Our Phone No.

(03) 9052 4470

Support Coordination team.

(03) 7023 5919