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Our Registration

We are registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and WorkSafe. This means, we voluntarily have an independent third party audit our business every 18 months.

When we are audited, this independent third party interviews our clients, our workers and also reviews our policies, procedures and how we conduct our operations overall to ensure they meet or exceed the Practice Standards outlined by the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission.

Our NDIS management system has been certified as recently as November 2023 by Intertek SAI Global.

As a registered NDIS provider, we can provide supports under the following registration groups:

  • Accommodation/Tenancy Assistance (0101)

  • Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or higher education (0102)

  • High Intensity Daily Personal Activities (0104), including:

    • Complex Bowel Management

    • Enteral Feeding and Management 

    • Tracheostomy Management 

    • Urinary Catheter Management 

    • Ventilator Management 

    • Subcutaneous Injection 

    • Complex Wound Management

    • Severe Dysphagia

  • Assistance In Coordinating Or Managing Life Stages, Transitions And Supports (0106), including:

    • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching​

  • Daily Personal Activities (0107), including:

    • Supported Independent Living (within your home, a Specialist Disability Accommodation Dwelling (SDA), or DCV can help you source accommodation)​

  • Assistance With Travel/Transport Arrangements (0108)

  • Assistance With Daily Life Tasks In A Group Or Shared Living Arrangement (0115)

  • Innovative Community Participation (0116)

  • Development Of Daily Living And Life Skills (0117)

  • Household Tasks (0120)

  • Participation In Community, Social And Civic Activities (0125)

  • Support Coordination (0132), including:

    • Level 1: Support Connection

    • Level 2: Support Coordination

    • Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination​

Should you require assistance beyond the services listed, we encourage you to reach out. If your supports are Plan or Self Managed, we're here to help and may still be able to provide the assistance you need.

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