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Why DCV?

We are a values driven organisation, and are at the forefront of technological innovation to ensure you always remain connected to your team.

We have team members all across Victoria, from the Western suburbs of Metro Melbourne, and throughout all of Gippsland. With offices in Warragul and Sale, it is important that we remain connected with all of our workers no matter how close or far they are from our central office teams.

When joining DCV, you are assigned a dedicated Frontline Leader who will be there to support you - whether you've been in the industry 5 minutes, or 5 decades, we are here to help you be the best worker you can be.

With Skedulo in the palm of your hands, you are never left guessing when your next shift is or who you are working with. The Skedulo mobile app is your 'mission control' and shows you your upcoming and historical roster, gives you the ability to clock in and out of shifts, and view key information about the client you are working with.

Skedulo also helps DCV ensure that you have gotten to shift safely and on time, and keeps our clients up to date with their scheduled supports as well.

It has never been easier to track your work at DCV, and with a direct integration with our payroll platform it makes sure you are paid on time every week for every hour of work you do.

Work with us

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join the DCV team. If you are excited about the idea of supporting someone to live a more independent and fulfilling life, we encourage you to apply to work for us here at DCV.

We support a range of individuals with varying disabilities and mental health conditions. The work that you do with DCV can be challenging, and it requires attention to detail, interpersonal skills and a 'can-do' kind of attitude. 

The work you will do is rewarding, both personally and professionally - and you will be supported by DCV every step of the way.

We partner with industry leaders to bring our employees the best benefits and opportunities available. When you join DCV, you get instant access to the swag mobile app from EmploymentHero - your one stop shop to manage your employment with DCV, with a whole bunch more.

Swag gives all DCV employees access to discounts and cashback from leading retailers, with everything from groceries, to fuel, to experiences at your fingertips to take advantage of.

Not to mention a built in savings account available to you which you can choose to use if you like, helping you save for that next big purchase. We know cost of living pressures are real - and we are doing what we can to help our staff.

Working remotely can at times feel isolating. We do our best to 'bridge the gap' between our remote workers and our office staff through the use of Microsoft Teams. 

This platform allows all of our staff to communicate instantly, and get help when you need it. With a group chat for every program to ensure you can stay in the loop with what your team mates are doing, ask for advice and guidance, and stay up to date on client goals.

Through Teams you can message your colleagues, your Program Leader, and even reach out to DCV's Directors if you need to - we put communication at the highest level of importance.

We take the learning and development of our staff seriously. It is important to us that all of our staff receive the appropriate training to provide the right support to our clients, and also have the ability to upskill whenever they would like.

That's why we created the Connect2Learn platform, and partnered with experts in the industry to make over 50 industry specific short courses available to our entire team at no cost.

We have a broad range of content available, from training on Behaviour Support to High Intensity skills, if you want to learn - it is likely we have content for you.

We work to live, we don't live to work. At DCV, we get that - and we give you the tools you need to live your life to the fullest. 

We partner with Career Money Life to provide a world-class Employee Assistance Program to all of our staff, and to also make available a range of tools and support to all of our staff.

Career Money Life focus on exactly that - your career, your money and your life - and they help you remain in the drivers seat with access to skill development, career advice, money management, financial planning, health and fitness - and so much more. 

All available to all DCV employees through an easy to access online portal, with no associated costs for you.


We embrace everything that makes someone unique.


We uphold everyone's right to have different preferences and values.


We promote physical, mental and emotional health.


We do the right thing, even when no-one is watching.


We take pride in meeting and exceeding our client's goals.

Our Values

powered by industry leaders

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