Careers @ DCV

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join the DCV team. If you are excited about the idea of supporting someone to live a more independent and fulfilling life, we encourage you to apply to work for us here at DCV.

We support a range of individuals with varying disabilities and mental health conditions. The work that you do with DCV can be challenging, and it requires attention to detail, interpersonal skills and a 'can-do' kind of attitude. 

The work you will do is rewarding, both personally and professionally - and you will be supported by DCV every step of the way.

Why DCV?

We endeavour to ensure all our field staff always remain connected with our head office - being in the field all the time can sometimes be an isolating role, but not at DCV.

We have an instant communication platform for all staff and our office team provides regular updates about the organisation, the broader industry and any 'hot topics' of the day. This has been critical to keep connected throughout COVID and ensure all our staff can keep up with the everchanging rules & regulations.

In addition to this, DCV provide access to a varied range of training to our workers - both online and in-person (when that is allowed). Most recently, we have rolled out Mental Health First Aid training to over 20% of our organisation.


Living our Values

Our 5 core values should be represented throughout the actions that DCV staff make every single day


We do the right thing, even when no-one is watching.


We embrace everything that makes someone unique.


We uphold everyone's right to have different preferences and values.


We promote physical, mental and emotional health.


We take pride in meeting and exceeding our client's goals.

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